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Voicings: A Seattle Lyrics Anthology

Voicings: A Seattle Lyrics Anthology

Carl Christensen

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Are lyrics poetry? Is performance simply artifice? A zine that seeks to elevate and celebrate lyrics of local (and regional) songwriters from the Seattle (ish) area, the first issue of Voicings features five songwriters.

In This Issue

  • Parker Marlow (Orchard Ladder)
  • Aaron Spieldenner (Lightweight Champaion)
  • Juliet Daniels
  • Carl Christensen (Lake Flora Band)
  • Shelby Natasha

In addition to lyrics from your favorite local acts, find a venue directory to help you in your quest for a great night out at your local tavern or theatre. Find this zine in the wild at one of their shows, or order a copy here.

Proceeds go directly to the artists when you buy at an event and Common Meter does not take a cut. At the end of the year, we'll curate a larger omnibus – get subscribe to stay tuned! Feel good knowing you support your local music scene when you buy this zine! 

This zine is 5.5" x 8.5" and clocks in at 36 pages. The cover is printed on 110 lb Mowhawk fine papers, with 32 pound interior pages. Each zine is printed, collated, and stapled by hand in the Common Meter Press studio in the Heart of Ballard. 


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All about anthologies

What are anthologies?

Anthologies are small, staple-bound or perfect-bound books, often containing poetry, usually made by hand. Unlike chapbooks, they may contain work by more than one writer.

Who makes all of these books?

Our books are made in-house. Although we occasionally ship out full-color projects to local printers, we collate, staple, and ship everything ourselves. We do not use SPD or store large quantities of books in warehouses. We are truly a small press.

Will there be a digital version of this anthology available?

At this time, we do not have plans to offer our anthologies in digital, e-Book format. While we understand the accessibility of this format, as well as the environmental impact, the joy of a chapbook is in the analog: holding something ephemeral in your hands, and experiencing the tactile nature of the poetry within.

One caveat; we may offer an audiobook at some point in the future. But those take time to plan and produce and are not available at this time.

Are your anthologies environmentally friendly?

What eco-friendly best practices do you follow?
We eschew sourcing our paper or supplies from major corporations like those whose name rhymes with Glamazon. We work with local partners whenever necessary to reduce our carbon footprint. We use FSC-certified paper when possible for all books.

What is FSC-certified paper?
Unfortunately, the book industry is laden with practices that lead to deforestation. But an FSC-certified paper requires at least 70% of the paper to be sourced from a recycled wood or material.

Do you use bubble wrap?
As of now, we ship our packages in recylcable and recycled mailers only, and avoid the use of bubble wrap and packaging supplies made from plastics. We reuse cardboard whenever possible for backing board and stiffeners. And, in general, do our best to recycle incoming packaging.

Analog is forever

At Common Meter Press, we believe that poetry is best experienced in person, and that there is magic in the real world – if you simply know where to look. Poetry offers a glimpse into that liminal space between magic and reality. Running your hands across the words in our pages is like holding a map to the unknown. That's why we offer our books as tangible products you can hold in your hands, with words that will stay in your heart.

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