Becoming Visible: An Anthology of Seattle Poetry

Twelve Seattle poets dazzle your senses and emotions in this anthology now available for preorder.

With Lucas Van Linden, Henry Wong, Gemma Maliszewski, Oscar Mejia, Owl Scarey, Amy Laybourn, Andrew Drinnan, Megan Drinnan, Nick Zettell, Alex Rasmussen, Hailey Magee and Erin Roth.

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Handheld Devices

Hold our books in your hands. Keep their words close to your heart.

Grating, Darling, Full of Dirt: Poems After Stephen King

Poet and artist Erin Dorney offers a new collection of erasure poems sourced from Stephen King's Pet Sematary. Grief doesn't take a holiday. Also available at Powell's.

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what are we fighting for?

A collaged poetry chapbook from Riley Spicer, inspires readers to live with purpose. No books were harmed in the making of this collection.

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I've Named The Goddamned Ravens

This collection of new work from MFA grad and improv alum Irene Loy explores grief, loneliness, and a search for one's self during a time of unraveling. Ravens is receiving raves and into its 2nd edition.

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Let's Get Musical

Our first songbooks are out on tour now.

Liner Notes: Lyn

Follow one modern man's obsession in this offbeat songbook from Pacific Northwest artist Trask, through lyrics and verse. Trask are a three-piece band from Burlington, WA that plays indie, alt-country, and offers lyrical, emotional music.

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Voicings: A Curated Lyrics Anthology from Seattle

From Seattle with love, see what your favorite local acts keep singing about. Our first songbook zine features five Seattle area songwriters: Orchard Ladder, Lighweight Champion, Carl Christensen, Juliet Daniels, and Shelby Christ.

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We believe in keeping it real. That's why we make physical products you can hold in your hands.

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