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Small Things for Soft Hearts - Pandemic Volume

Small Things for Soft Hearts - Pandemic Volume

Riley Spicer

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This reissue from zinester Riley Spicer contains cut and paste poetry found in famous books. Words and phrases from time-tested authors, philosophers, and writers take on new life. Don't worry – no books were harmed in the making of this zine.

This zine is a 1/4 sized zine that measures 4.25" x 5.5". It is printed, collated, cut and stapled by hand at Common Meter Press HQ in Seattle, WA.

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What the heck are zines?

Zines are self-made books that come in all shapes and sizes, made by people all over the world. Many zines offer healing through poetry, the sharing of personal stories, and even self-help tips. They're ephemeral, and fleeting, yes. They have copy marks and dog-ears, sometimes. But those analog imperfections are part of what we love about them.

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    At Common Meter Press, we publish zines by writers with whom we share an affinity for poetry and non-traditional fiction. We print, collate, and staple our in-house books and zines by hand, often partnering with local printers.

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