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Becoming Visible: An Anthology of Seattle Poetry

Becoming Visible: An Anthology of Seattle Poetry

Alex Rasmussen

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Becoming Visible is a collection of poems by twelve Seattle-based writers. Each offers a unique perspective from their often-soggy corner of the country. From the whimsical wordplay of Gemma Maliszewski to the melancholy musings of Oscar Mejia, from Hailey Magee's erotic imagery to Lucas Van Linden's eloquent romanticism, this anthology contains something for everyone.

Like one's first taste of fresh Northwest salmon, or view of the majesty that is Mount Rainier (Tahoma), the words and ideas within will leave an impression that lasts long after the final page has been turned.

This book was curated by Alex Rasmussen with cover art by Ashley Zuckerberg, and designed and published by Common Meter Press. It is a soft cover book with a glossy, full-color cover and black and white interior. This book is 5.5 x 8.5 and contains 92 pages.

Product Details

Publisher Common Meter Press
Publication Date February 14, 2024
Dimensions 5.5" x 8.5" x .25"
Poetry – verse
Poetry – Alex Rasmussen, editor.
Poetry – Seattle
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Analog is forever

At Common Meter Press, we believe that poetry is best experienced in person, and that there is magic in the real world – if you simply know where to look. That's why we offer our books as tangible products you can hold in your hands, with words that will stay in your heart.

Shown: Erin Dorney's "Grating, Darling, Full of Dirt"

All about anthologies

What are anthologies?

Anthologies are collections of poetry, usually containing multiple authors from the same region or theme.

Who makes all of these books?

Our books are created in-house. For the most part, we print, collate, and bind our books by hand. Sometimes, though, we recognize the need for local print shop partners.

Will there be a digital version of this anthology available?

At this time, we do not have plans to offer our chapbooks in digital, e-Book format. While we understand the accessibility of this format, as well as the environmental impact, the joy of a chapbook is in the analog: holding something ephemeral in your hands, and experiencing the tactile nature of the poetry within.

One caveat; we may offer an audiobook at some point in the future. But those take time to plan and produce and are not available at this time.

Are your anthologies environmentally friendly?

What eco-friendly best practices do you follow?
We eschew sourcing our paper or supplies from major corporations like those whose name rhymes with Glamazon. We work with local partners whenever necessary to reduce our carbon footprint. We use FSC-certified paper when possible for all books.

What is FSC-certified paper?
Unfortunately, the book industry is laden with practices that lead to deforestation. But an FSC-certified paper requires at least 70% of the paper to be sourced from a recycled wood or material.

Do you use bubble wrap?
As of now, we ship our packages in recylcable and recycled mailers only, and avoid the use of bubble wrap and packaging supplies made from plastics. We reuse cardboard whenever possible for backing board and stiffeners. And, in general, do our best to recycle incoming packaging.