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Find our poetry paperbacks, handmade poetry chapbooks, poetry and lyric anthologies, and our unique lyric songbooks at these fine bookstores across the United States.

  • Pacific Northwest

    Bookstores and stockists in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

  • Antiquated Future Distro

    DIY zine distro and tape label.

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  • Charlie's Queer Books

    Queer bookstore in the heart of Seattle.

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  • Open Poetry Books

    A poetry emporium in Seattle.

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  • Powell's Books

    Famed Portland bookstore on Burnside.

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  • Southwest

    Bookstores and stockists in Arizon, New Mexico, and adjacent territories.

  • Wasted Ink

    Phoenix's first co-op zine distro.

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Buy Books In Store

Get our paperbacks at indie and major retailers worldwide. Request one of our books at a bookseller near you to have it shipped to store.

How It Works

Buying Books

How does work?

When you create an account on, you can set your favorite bookstore. Every time you buy a book from Bookshop, a portion of the proceeds go to that bookstore.

How can I order a book at a bookstore in person?

If you're at a local bookstore, simply let them know that the paperbacks above are available in "Ingram". From there, the bookseller should be able to order it for you by the title. Worse comes to worse, show them this website and they can search by the ISBN.

When should I get my order?

Orders from are processed via their fulfillment center. Unfortunately, we have no control over when or how fast the order will go out. But on the plus side, you can place an order for our books and other books and save a little on shipping!

Why is your book on Barnes &, but not in store?

We use a distributor to syndicate our titles to a variety of retailres, including Barnes & Noble.

Unfortunately, there is only so much shelf space to go around. We're currently reaching out to local Barnes and Noble (and others) locations to carry our books on the shelf.

If you know of a bookstore near you that would be a good fit, please do get in touch! And, you can help! Any time you place an order for one of our books through your local bookseller, the interest grows for them to carry our books.

How can I order your books for my bookstore or gift shop?

For chapbooks: please contact us directly to set up a wholesale account!

For paperbacks: please order directly through Ingram Spark. Each of our books that are available in Ingram are listed here for your convenience.