Analog Is Forever

At Common Meter, we believe that even the ephemeral can leave a lasting impression.
Books – particularly, analog ones that you can hold in your hands – are our raison d'être, and the backbone of everything we do.

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We create analog-only books, zines, chabpooks, paperbacks, and anthologies. Follow us for adventure.

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Currently, our press is by invitation only. We'll have an open reading period in the fall of 2024.

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Micro, but mighty since 2023

Common Meter Press was born in Seattle and Portland. We are a DIY, community-led effort driven by passionate, working class writers and musicians in the PNW and beyond. Our writers show up for their books, themselves, and our community in ways we could never have imagined.

Really, when we say that books are the backbone of our brand, what we mean is this: our writers are the spinal column, the reason we get out of bed every morning and stand upright. Whether they write with a pen on paper or a pick on a guitar, their stories deserve attention.

Common Meter was founded by songwriting partners Meredith Smith and Andrew Musselman.

  • Chapbooks

    Our chapbooks offer catharsis through poetry collections by unique worldwide authors.

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  • Songbooks

    Our Liner Notes offer musicians and artists a way to continue their storytelling.

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  • Anthologies

    Our anthologies are like a mixtape featuring new and undiscovered artists in a variety of forms.

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